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University of Gothenburg

Doctoral Studies

JMG offers a PhD programme in journalism, media and communication. The duration of the programme is normally four years.

The doctoral programme in journalism, media and communication is hosted by the University of Gothenburg’s Faculty of Social Sciences. It was first offered in 1992 in connection with the establishment of a professorship in journalism. It was preceded by a doctoral programme in mass communication, which was launched in 1983 following the establishment of Sweden’s first professorship in mass media research in 1981.

JMG’s doctoral programme offers specialisations in journalism and media studies, and is characterised by its roots in the social sciences and its empirical orientation. The research on journalism, media and communication conducted at JMG is based partly on a democracy perspective where issues related to power, the public sphere and opinion formation are central, and partly on an audience perspective where issues related to structure, use and influence are emphasised.

The objective of the doctoral programme is to train students to become independent researchers with substantial theoretical, methodological and empirical knowledge in the areas of journalism, media and communication, and to enable them to put this knowledge to use in research and other types of qualified professional work.