University of Gothenburg

Doctoral Studies

The doctoral programme at JMG is among Sweden’s biggest with a specialisation in journalism, media and communication.

The duration of the doctoral programme at JMG is normally four years and it leads to a PhD in journalism, media and communication.
The objective of the programme is to train students so they will have the knowledge and skills required to be able to conduct research independently, contribute to the field's development and perform other qualified tasks in administration and business.
Usually, the department has around 10 or so doctoral students and the PhD programme has a clear international profile with students from several different countries.
As with research conducted at the department, doctoral studies have a basis in social science, with a clear empirical orientation. Doctoral students usually conduct research in a subject that is related to one of the department’s five research groups.
JMG's researchers are internationally established and work on the basis of various theoretical positions. They have broad experience and expertise in historical media studies, large-scale surveys, experimental studies, ethnographic surveys, automated content analyzes, discourse analyzes and studies of text and spoken communication.
In this way, the department can offer qualified supervision in a large number of areas.

Doctoral positions and general syllabus

We advertise doctoral positions here on our website and in the university’s portal for applications. Your application must be submitted in the Application Portal.

New positions are advertised on an ongoing basis, although not at regular intervals.