University of Gothenburg
studenter som sitter vid en dator
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Active Learning and E-Learning in higher education

Our project aims to evaluate how students’ experience and value digital component within an active learning environment. We also intend to explore if the students are better prepared before the examinations when we implement compulsory online quizzes that they will have to pass, in order to attend. We will also investigate if this make them experience a higher sense of engagement, performance and participation.

We will use the established model of Active Learning Classroom (ALC) combined with digital components on the student platform Canvas, as well as Individual response technology, Mentimeter, during the lectures. In the lecture hall environment, it is important to support students' learning and enable possibilities for students to make progress through collaboration with others; as a consequence, knowledge could emerge. 

Another, similar project, concerns facilitating learning and engagement among students that attend the mandatory nutrition course in their first semester in the Bachelor in Nursing program. In addition to regular lectures, we evaluate how the students experience to conduct a food registration, nutritional calculations, and discussions of their results and the method used (i.e. the food diary method). A pedagogical evaluation is still ongoing.