University of Gothenburg

Master’s Theses

Master's theses written in the field of GenDip.


Emma OlssonDOES COMMITMENT LEAD TO ACTIONS? - The Impact of Feminist Foreign Policy on Aid Allocation and Female Ambassadorship


Vendela LundskogTHE EUROPEAN EXTERNAL ACTION SERVICE AND GENDER PROMOTION - A comparative text analysis of how the EEAS adapts its gender promotion messages to audiences in the west and east


Kristina GurokSMOOTH OPERATORS? - Ambassadors’ Engagement in Pride parades

Salima IsmayilzadaIS INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS TOO HARD FOR AZERBAIJANI WOMEN? - MFA Azerbaijan as A Gendered Institution

Tove Wikehult: THE EXPERIENCES OF DIPLOMATS POSTED IN HARDSHIP COUNTRIES – A GENDERED STORY? - Interviews with diplomats posted in Kabul and Baghdad


Iryna MikhnovetsFOREIGN POLICY AND ITS FRAMING TO DIFFERENT AUDIENCES - A qualitative study of Swedish feminist foreign policy communication in four countries

Moa HaeggblomOH, HOW PRETTY YOU WOMEN ARE TALKING ABOUT SECURITY - A qualitative perspective on how female internal mediators in Colombia view gender as affecting their influence in peace negotiation


Signe Stahlénius: I GOT 99 AMBASSDORS, BUT A WOMAN AIN’T ONE. - A Cross-Sectional Analysis of the Relationship between Female Representation in Parliament and the Gender Distribution among Ambassadors.

Ani Dimitrova: Women in diplomacy: equal or different? The impact of the gender equality and the economic status on ambassador appointments.


Moez Dharsani: Institutional Gender Patterns in the European External Action Service