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Interview for Humanities Matter by Brill, podcast, 16 June 2021. 
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people indoors and has moved even important businesses and interactions online. Diplomatic interactions are no exception. In the second episode of the themed series Across the Rainbow, Ann Towns and Katarzyna Jezierska speak on Diplomacy, Gender and Covid-19.

Listen to the episode "Gender and Diplomacy in the Time of COVID-19"

Press releases

The Male Dominance in Diplomacy is Changing
The number of female diplomats in the world has increased in the last 20 years, although the most prestigious positions remain heavily male dominated. However, even this imbalance is changing, according to new research from the University of Gothenburg. From October 11, 2017.

Read the press release here: The Male Dominance in Diplomacy is Changing

Articles about the program

Female Diplomats Clash with Male Norms
The diplomatic world was long populated entirely by men. Now more and more women are being appointed ambassadors. What gender norms govern diplomacy, and how does this affect female diplomats? These are issues that Ann Towns, a Wallenberg Academy Fellow at the University of Gothenburg, wants to explore. From 2014.

Read the article here: Female Diplomats Clash with Male Norms

Other public activities

Towards a feminist foreign policy - contributions from feminist theories of international relations

Panel talk organized by the Directorate of Women and Gender Affairs of the Argentine Foreign Ministry, with the sponsorship of the Institute of the Foreign Service of the Nation and the sponsorship of the National University of Cuyo and the Federal Council for International Studies (CoFEI).  2021-10-19.

Watch the recorded panel talk

Towards a peaceful global order and gender justice in diplomacy
Invited public talk for the 350-year Symposium at Lund University, March 7 2017.
Panelist, ”Feministisk diplomati och utrikespolitik?” Almedalen, 2015-07-03.

Read more here: Towards a peaceful global order and gender justice in diplomacy