University of Gothenburg


Diplomacy – the official relations between governments by other means than military force – is a central institution of international politics. The GenDip program aims to map and analyze the changing character of diplomacy as carried out by men, women and other career diplomats around the world.

In the nineteenth and much of the twentieth centuries, diplomacy was an all-male institution, practiced by men and infused by norms of masculinity. In the 2000s, a rapidly increasing number of women have entered the diplomatic arena.

The GenDip program provides a collaborative platform for researchers to address crucial questions about the changing gender character of diplomacy, including:

• What has happened to diplomacy as a result of the entry of women?
• How did women come to enter diplomacy in larger numbers?
• How had diplomacy become an all-male institution to begin with?

The program is committed to producing research that is empirically novel, theoretically innovative and of relevance to the diplomatic community and public at large.