University of Gothenburg
Photo: Aaron Burden

Internship at GenDip

Students enrolled in a Bachelor's or Master's program have the opportunity to do an internship at GenDip for 10 or 20 weeks. The internship provides an excellent opportunity for the student to experience academic work on a day-to-day basis and in an international environment. We do not currently have any calls for applications open.

About GenDip

The GenDip program maps and analyzes the changing character of diplomacy as carried out by men, women and other career diplomats around the world. Diplomacy – the official relations between governments by other means than military force – is a central institution of international politics. In the 19th and much of the 20th centuries, diplomacy was an all-male institution, practiced by men and infused by norms of masculinity. In the 2000s, a rapidly increasing number of women have entered the diplomatic arena. GenDip thus asks questions about various gender dimensions of diplomacy.

GenDip is situated at the Department of Political Science, University of Gothenburg. It is led by Professor Ann Towns. The GenDip team conducts several research projects, all focusing on the changing role of diplomacy in the contemporary world. GenDip also includes an international network of scholars studying gender and diplomacy around the globe.

About internship at GenDip

We are looking for energetic and detail-oriented students with an interest in gender and international politics. You will be collaborating with GenDip researchers in their research projects and learn more about how a research program like GenDip operates through attending meetings, seminars, reading academic texts, workshops and more. The main research task varies depending on the semester.  In addition, the internship may include assisting the GenDip researchers with various tasks as well as writing of short reports. Command of the English language is required; command of Swedish is an advantage but not required; other language skills are an advantage. Please specify your language skills in your CV. No deeper quantitative skills are required.