University of Gothenburg
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The Geosphere

The Geosphere research encompasses studies on understanding the processes occurring in the deep and shallow Earth affecting natural resources as well as the investigation of the evolution of Earth and other terrestrial planets over the entire history of the solar system.

Research areas

Our research involve geology, geochemistry, mineralogy, sedimentology and hydrogeology.  We capitalize on the diverse geology of Western Sweden as natural laboratory for our research as one important component of an otherwise global network of studies.

The sustainable management of natural resources is arguably one of the biggest challenges facing our modern society. Within the Geosphere research area, our aim is to advance the basic science from the deep earth to the crystals, and to meet societal needs regarding the sustainable usage of natural resources. This includes geothermal energy, mineral resources for a green economy, and links to natural hazards as well as surface- and groundwater.

We study, among other things:

  •     Geothermal energy
  •     Ice dynamics
  •     Mineral resources for a green economy
  •     Subduction zone processes and links to natural disasters
  •     Climate change in the geological past
  •     Development of new geochemical and petrophysical tools
  •     Groundwater resources

Research groups

Hydrogeology Group

This research group is involved in basic research and teaching in hydrogeology, hydrogeological contamination and hydrogeochemistry. There are two main research topics within the group: freshwater resources under changing environmental and climatic conditions and the behaviour of subsurface contaminants.

More information on the Hydrogeology Group website

Microgeochemistry Group Gothenburg MG3

The Microgeochemistry Group combines aspects of the traditional fields of geochemistry, petrology and mineralogy to unlock a rich archive of information stored in earth materials on a sub-mineral scale. The group’s strength is the combination of excellent state-of-the-art micro-analytical equipment with leading experts in geochemistry and petrology.

More information on the Microgeochemistry Group website


Research funding and collaboration

Our research projects are mainly funded by the Swedish Research Council, Formas, STINT, and Horizon 2020.

Research methods

The Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Gothenburg have some of the best facilities for mineral analysis in Sweden.