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A student doing field work by a lake with a mountain view in the background.
Applying theory to hands-on experience is essential to our programmes and courses.
Photo: Mats Björkman

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A Master's degree in Earth Sciences or Geography provides you with cutting-edge expertise that is in demand on the international labour market.

After completing a Master's at the Department of Earth Sciences, you can expect high competence to work with more advanced tasks and complex issues in environmental, planning, nature and climate change areas. Within our Master's programmes, the Earth is explored - landmasses, oceans and atmosphere - as well as the interplay between planet Earth and humans. Our teachers and researchers have a long tradition of educating earth scientists as well as physical and cultural geographers, always aiming to tie our programmes to current research and studies for a sustainable future. Our programmes offer advanced research equipment so that you as a student will gain experience in both fieldwork and modern research.