University of Gothenburg

Climate and Climate Change

Climate and Climate Change encompasses climate science from micro to global scale in the past, present and future. Our research is based on analysis of field measurement, instrumental data including satellite retrievals, and paleoclimate proxy records, in combination with simulation of global/regional/local climate models.

Our research also includes impacts of climate changes on urban environments, ecosystems, biodiversity, water resources, and air quality. Special attention has been paid to high latitude and high elevation regions including the Arctic and Antarctic, and the Third Pole (Tibetan Plateau and its surrounding mountain regions). 

Current research activities in Climate and Climate Change
●    Paleoclimate reconstruction 
●    Climate effects on water cycles, ecosystems and biodiversity 
●    Regional and local climate 
●    Downscaling of climate change scenarios
●    Climate modelling
●    Urban climate 
●    Antarctic sea ice change