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Dry summer in Jämtland (Middle Sweden)
Photo: Michelle Nygren

Hydrogeology group

Research group
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Department of Earth Sciences

Short description

Established at the Department of Earth Sciences in October 2012, the Hydrogeology Group has a special focus on fresh water resources under changing environmental and climatic conditions. The research projects are related to the impact of climate change and anthropogenic pressure on hydrological and hydrogeological systems on different scales. Beside studies related to environmental and societal aspects of water resources management, the research group is also involved in major construction works. The research group, led by Professor Roland Barthel, consists nowadays of two researchers (Åsa Fransson and Markus Giese), three PhD students (Ezra Haaf, Michelle Nygren and Pramod Surendran) and B.Sc./M.Sc. students contributing to different groundwater-related research projects in Sweden and abroad.

Research topics

  • Integrated water resources management

  • Impact of climate change on fresh water resources
  • Statistical evaluations of observed changes in groundwater quantity and quality
  • Regionalization of local groundwater observations for aquifer system characterization
  • Groundwater in coastal areas
  • Hydrogeological engineering
  • Spring response analysis in karst aquifers
  • Groundwater modelling (flow and transport) on the local and regional scale