University of Gothenburg

Study of English as a Foreign Language 1970

The Study of English as a Foreign Language is a part of the Six Subjects Survey 1970. This study mirrored the French as a Foreign Language Study and took place at the same time (with data collection also in 1971). It employed a similar test of reading, listening, writing, and speaking.

Background and aim

The objectives of this study included - an examination of the place of English in the educational system - an examination of the relationship between level of achievement and characteristics of the student, teacher, school, and the country - an analysis of errors made by students in responding to the test in order to obtain a grater understanding of how students learn English.

Target Population

The target population was 14-year-old students and students in the final grade of the secondary school.

Participating Educational Systems

Belgium (French), Chile, Federal Republic of Germany (FRG), Finland, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Thailand. Please note that most but not all countries participated in all studies.
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