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Study of Reading Comprehension 1970

The Study of Reading Comprehension is a part of the Six Subject Study 1970. The study adopted, as measures of verbal ability, a test of reading comprehension, a brief test of speed of reading, and a brief test of word knowledge.

Aims of the study

Areas of inquiry for possible predictors of accomplishment in reading were out-of-school environment (including home environment, language in home, and exposure to mass media), availability of reading materials, educational practices and background (including instructional practices, resources and procedures for individualization of instruction, and size and type of school), the interests and attitudes of the students, acquired study and reading habits, and presence of eye, hearing, and speech deficits. The data were collected in 1970–1971.

Target Population

This was 10-year-old students, 14-year-old students, and students in the final grade of the secondary school.

Participating Educational Systems

Belgium (Flemish), Belgium (French), Chile, England, Finland, Hungary, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, Sweden, United States. Please note that most but not all countries participated in all studies.
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Data - Additional codebooks

Complete codebook on Six Subject Survey main page.

Data - Population

All countries


Belgium, Flemish

Belgium, French



Federal Republic Germany (FRG)















Population 1

Reading Comprehension

Booklet 3 contains: Section C and D, both is Reading Comprehension tests, section P that is Reading speed practice and section J that is Reading Speed Test

Student questionnaire. Population 1. Booklet 3. Section C, D, P and J (pdf 2.4 MB)

Student questionnaire. Population 1. Booklet 3. Section C, D, P and J. Swedish version (pdf 2,4 MB)

Scoring Keys

Scoring keys. Population 1, 2 and 4 (pdf)

Population II

Reading Comprehension

Student questionnaire. Population 2 and 4. Reading comprehension. Section E (pdf)

Booklet 7 contains Reading Comprehension - Section C and D, Student background questions - Section E and Reading Speed (Practice) - Section P.

Student questionnaire. Population 2 Booklet 7. Section C, D, E and P (pdf 3 MB)

Student questionnaire. Population 2. Booklet 7. Section C, D, E and P. Swedish version (pdf 3MB)

Reading Speed (Test) - Section J

Reading speed test. Population 2. Booklet 7. Section J. Identical to Booklet 3J (pdf)

Reading speed test. Population 2. Booklet 7. Section J. Identical to Booklet 3J. Swedish version (pdf)

Population IV

Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension IV - Section C
Reading Comprehension IV - Section D

Student questionnaire. Population 4. Booklet 14. Section C, D and E (pdf 2.6 MB)

Teacher questionnarie

Teacher Questionnaire - Reading Comprehension and Literature (pdf) 

Teacher questionnarie - Six Subject Study - Swedish version (pdf 2 MB)



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