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Walk & talk at CeMEB Assembley Tjärnö April 2017.
Walk & talk at CeMEB Assembley Tjärnö April 2017.
Photo: Eva Marie Rödström


CeMEB is a meeting place for marine evolution researchers. Each year, activities are organized for exchange of experience and to strengthen and develop the network. We see it as particularly important that young researchers and doctoral students get a good network for their future development.


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Upcoming activities

Symposium in Montreal

CeMEB is arranging a symposium called "Advances in Marine Evolutionary Biology" at the Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology in Montreal in July, please consider joining!

You can register for the meeting and submit an abstract for a talk here.

Autumn Assembly

There will be an assembly in the fall – stay tuned for more information!

Previous activities

CeMEB Autumn Assemly 2021 took place at Tjärnö