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Cod and Fucus on the move.

Evolution of Species Ranges


CeMEB invites to a webinar for researchers interested in the dynamics of species ranges. Save the date 8–10 March 2021!

8 Mar 2021 - 10 Mar 2021
Online via zoom
No conference fee

Good to know
The event will be arranged during three half days:

8 March at 2.00–6.30 pm CET (Central European Time)
9 March at 2.00–6.30 pm CET
10 March at 2.00–6.30 pm CET

Please stay tuned as more information will be added!
Centre for Marine Evolutionary Biology – CeMEB

Species re-distributions are already occurring in response to global climate change. Many species migrate to track critical environmental parameters such as their optimal temperature range. Migrations of populations to new areas come with challenges. Both evolutionary and ecological factors play a role in determining the success of the populations’ establishment in new areas. 

This CeMEB webinar welcomes interested researchers for presentations and discussions on the evolutionary and ecological aspects of the dynamics of species ranges.


  • What are the key evolutionary and ecological factors precluding or facilitating the establishment of species in new geographic areas? 
  • What management actions could facilitate expansions, shifts and persistence of ranges, or prevent invasive species from expanding their ranges?  

Key note speakers

Jake M. Alexander, ETH Zürich (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule), Switzerland

Jon Bridle, University College London, UK

Ary Hoffmann, University of Melbourne, Australia 

Camille Parmesan, University of Plymouth, UK

Invited speakers

Nick Barton, IST, Austria

Martin Eriksson, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Louise Fouqueau, Sorbonne University, Biological Station of Roscoff, France

Kimberly Gilbert, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Anna Hargreaves, McGill University, Canada       

Jane K. Hill, University of York, UK  

Robert D. Holt, University of Florida, USA           

Jamie Hudson, University of Southampton, UK

Kamal M. Ibrahim, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA

Stephen R. Keller, University of Vermont, USA    

Lesley Lancaster, University of Aberdeen, UK     

Alexandre Mestre, University of Valencia, Spain 

Torsten Nygård Kristensen, Aalborg University, Denmark         

John Pannell, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Stefan Peischl, University of Bern, Switzerland

Jitka Polechovà, University of Vienna

Himani Sachdeva, University of Vienna, Austria  

Justin Travis, University of Aberdeen, UK

Yvonne Willi, University of Basel, Switzerland     

Robert J. Wilson, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Spain


Organizing committe

Marina Rafajlovic, University of Gothenburg

Roger Butlin, University of Sheffield

Kerstin Johannesson, University of Gothenburg