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CeMEB Spring Assembly 2023

We are excited to announce the CeMEB Virtual Spring Assembly of 2023! This Assembly will offer a snapshot on the research that goes on in the network and will be held on Friday the 28th of April during 13.00 – 16.30 on Zoom.


13:00-13:10  Welcome to the 2023 Spring Online Virtual Assembly 

13:10-13:30  Rebekah Oomen, University of Oslo & University of Agder:
Resolving mechanisms maintaining distinct Atlantic cod ecotypes in a hybrid zone

13:30-13:50  Christian Panch, Åbo Akademi University:
Using mesocosm experiments to reveal species adaptations in a community context

13:50-14:10  Jessica Reider, University of Bern
Microbial community characterization in freshwater recirculating aquaculture systems

14:10-14:30  BREAK          

14:30-14:50  Marina Rafajlovic, UGOT
What generates bimodal hybrid zones?

14:50-15:10  James Reeve, UGOT 
Snail-scape genetic: assessing diversity in Littorina saxatilis in Sweden

15:10-15:30  Martin Eriksson, UGOT
Multi-trait adaptation along environmental gradients

15:30-15:45  BREAK          

15:45-16:05  Leon Green, UGOT
Aggression and competition between native and invasive marine fishes - can behaviour influence the spread of round goby?

16:05-16:25  Alexandra Kinnby, UGOT
Effects of reduced salinity on fertilization in the Pacific Oyster

16:25-16:30  Concluding remarks 

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