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Medusas floating in the ocean.

Thematic Issues

Special issue "Marine evolutionary biology" in Evolutionary Applications is edited by members of CeMEB steering committe. "We wanted to show that the field of marine evolutionary biology, which was considered just a special case of general evolutionary biology until 10-15 years ago, has matured and is now an important, developing, field of its own.", says Pierre De Wit from the commtte.

Theme issue "Genomic architecture of supergenes: causes and evolutionary consequences" contains a total of fifteen articles. Among the authors are CeMEB members Emma Berdan, Roger Butlin, Anja Westram, Kerstin Johannesson, and Rui Faria. The Issue is compiled and edited by Emma L. Berdan, Thomas Flatt, Genevieve M. Kozak, Katie E. Lotterhos and Ben Wielstra.

The Theme Issue "Species' ranges in the face of changing environments", initiated at the CeMEB webinar last year, is now published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. The two volumes are guest edited by Marina Rafajlovic, Roger Butlin, Jake Alexander and Kerstin Johannesson, and several CeMEB members have contributed with articles.

Scientific publications

Cover of publication nature plants Vol 9, Issue 8, Aug 2023
Photo: Uli Kunz, Submaris
Cover of Special Issue Evolutionary Application on Marine Evol Biology
Front cover for Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society B.
Photo: Kerstin Johannesson

Doctoral & Licentiate theses

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