Alexandra Weilenmann

Avd-/Sektionschef, Inst

Dept. Of Applied IT, Division of Human computer
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Forskningsgången 6
41756 Göteborg
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Forskningsgången 6
41296 Göteborg

About Alexandra Weilenmann

Weilenmann is full professor in Interaction Design and head of the Division of Human Computer Interaction at the Department of Applied Information Technology, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Alexandra Weilenmann has over 20 years of experience of studying the use of mobile information and communication technology, and has undertaken fieldwork in many situations involving mobile technology and, in recent years, social media. In conducting this work, she draws upon and develops different methodological approaches to capture mobile situated practices and the users’ engagement with their technologies and services. These methods often combine data collected during ethnographic fieldwork ‘in the wild’, with data from digital and social platforms, to be able to study how everyday ordinary activities are increasingly played out across sites and platforms. Museum visitors, teenagers, news reporters, deer hunters, digital seniors and selfie photographers are some of the groups she has examined, focusing on their interactions with and through digital technology and services. An overall ambition with her work is to contribute to a society where technology is supporting and enhancing our everyday interactions, in ways that can be both enabling and enjoyable.

Currently (2019-2021) Weilenmann leads the Digital seniors project, financed by The Kamprad Family Foundation. She also works with the project Work from home movement.

Alexandra gives courses and supervises in topics such as Human Computer Interaction, Interaction design and research methods.

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