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Jonas Ivarsson


Dept. of Applied IT, Division of
Visiting address
Forskningsgången 6
41756 Göteborg
Postal address
41296 Göteborg

About Jonas Ivarsson

Jonas Ivarsson is a professor of informatics. He started out in cognitive science and communication studies before moving to the field of education. In 2013 he became a professor of education where his research has focused on the role of various technologies in the development of knowledge and competence.

In 2019 he moved to Informatics at the Department of Applied Information Technology at the University of Gothenburg. There his role is to take lead on the emerging research on Human Centered Artificial Intelligence—a specific approach to the interplay between humans and machines in the context of artificial intelligence. Central to this approach are questions relating to how to design AI systems so to operate in the context of human users, as well as how to design learning trajectories of humans so that they can intelligently interact with increasingly complex semi-autonomous systems.

His strategic leadership background includes serving as deputy head of department as well as research dean at the faculty of education. He currently serves at the board of the University of Gothenburg and he is also a member of the university’s coordination group for digitalization and artificial intelligence lead by the deputy vice chancellor.

Ivarsson currently operates as principal investigator of two interdisciplinary research projects (4 and 5 years). The collaborators on the projects come from radiology, sociology, radiation physics, physiology, applied IT, education and vascular surgery.