Kajsa Lindberg

Om Kajsa Lindberg

Kajsa Lindberg is Professor in Management and deputy head of the Department of Business Administration at University of Gothenburg. Her current research projects focus on how experts organize their work to make use of new technologies in the field of health care including Medtech-companies. In a newly started project, she investigates changes connected to the use of AI in other professional fields, such as accounting, journalism and law. Using a practice-based approach and ethnographically inspired methodology, her studies contribute to unpack how new technologies are integrated into professional practices, how organizational and professional boundaries are reconstructed and what kind of expertise highly educated professionals will need. Kajsa’s work has been published in journals such as Academy of Management Annals, Human Relations, Social Science of Medicine, Journal of Management Inquiry and British Journal of Management.


  • professions and expertise
  • practice
  • new technologies and materiality
  • health care
  • organizational change

Pågående forskning

  • The robotization of professional work, 2017-01 - 2022-12
  • Robotic surgery, visualization and the work of experts, 2019-07 – 2023-12
  • Managing Innovation, collaboration with Getinge AB, 2020-10 -


  • Qualitative research methods
  • Master Degree Project in Management