Finds from the archaeological dig behind the Art museum 2016
Foto: Jenny Högström Berntson

A place forgotten by many

Research project
Avslutad forskning
Projektets storlek
2016 - 2016
Heritage Academy/CCHS

Kort beskrivning

During the period June- September 2016 the exhibition, Banish the lack of incoherence was shown at the Gothenburg Art center. As a part of the exhibition, the project A place forgotten by many was conducted. In collaboration with CCHS, historical studies and the Valand Academy parts of the garden of the art center was transformed into an archaeological excavation that everyone was welcome to attend. Anita Synnestvedt conducted the excavation together with students from the historical department and from Valand Academy. The students from the Valand Academy also made artistic works related to the dig which was shown at the Gothenburg Art center in the end of the summer. During summer, the Gothenburg art center offered summer schools for youngsters doing archaeology and artistic work. The project arranged a seminar as a finish.