Bild från forskningsprojektet.
Foto: Ram Krishna Ranjan

The 1943 Bengal Famine

Pågående forskning
2018 - 2023
HDK-Valand – Högskolan för konst och design

Kort beskrivning

Full name:The 1943 Bengal Famine: Moving (images) Towards Subaltern Epistemologies and Ontologies
Taking the Bengal Famine of 1943 as a site-event, my practice-based research aims to further and experiment with epistemologies and ontologies of expressions that emerge from the space of subalternity and investigate the possibilities and limits of it in film practices. The main research question that underpins this research is – how do we move images (specifically filmmaking practice) towards subaltern epistemologies and ontologies?

The following secondary questions situate the broader question in more specific terms:

  1. how can we mobilize subalternity as both a theoretical paradigm and a methodological stance in film practices;
  2. what are the ethical-political and creative challenges in undertaking such a project;
  3. in what ways, while acknowledging the multiple incommensurabilities any subaltern research project produces, we can address those ethical-political and creative challenges?