Researcher lunch with the network 'Hållbar besöksnäring'


Welcome to a seminar on digitalization and AI in tourism and the hospitality industry! Time: June 7 at 12.00-13.00 CET Place: University of Gothenburg and Zoom Language: English In the seminar we will hear of interesting examples of digitalization and AI in tourism. We will discuss possibilities and challenges that comes with digitalization in the context of tourism and in relation to sustainability. And we will explore possible future scenarios. There will be a mix of perspectives from research and examples from work in the field. We hope for an interesting and fruitful discussion between people who work in tourism and hospitality and people who do research on it. To enable a conversation that includes perspectives and examples from different parts of the world, the seminar is held in English. The seminar is open to all and is organized by the Centre for Tourism at the University of Gothenburg together with Nätverket Hållbar Besöksnäring (The network for a sustainable hospitality industry). To sign up, please send an email to by June 6. Presentations will be in English unless all participants understand Swedish.

7 jun 2023
12:00 - 13:00
Handelshögskolan, conference room at J2

Centre for Tourism

If you cannot make it to the seminar, you can attend the seminars through zoom. To get the zoom-link or if you have any questions about the seminar series, please contact Maria Persson or John Armbrecht: