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University of Gothenburg
Persons on a ship
Excursion with research vessel, for the public
Photo: Hans Björkman

For the Public

The public is welcome to visit Tjärnö Marine Laboratory all year around. Most activities are offered during summer vacation period (early July to mid-August). Some activities are meant for groups and are booked in advance, while others are for families or individuals and don't need to be booked.


Guided Tour

All year around companies, organisations etc. can book a guided tour of the Tjärnö Laboratory. The tour take count of previous knowledge and interests of the visiting group. The tour can consist of seeing ongoing university education, current research, research vessels, Tjärnö Aquarium and film. We inform about the sea in general, university education, research and marine environmental issues.

Maximum group size is usually 20 persons, during covid-19 limited to 10 persons. The tour lasts normally 1,5 hour. We offer the tours workdays daytime, but if agreed upon groups can also visit during evenings and weekends.

Beach Excursion

From May to mid-October Tjärnö Laboratory offer a beach excursion, where participants discover life on a shallow sandy bottom. We bring field equipment (waders, aquascopes, spades, nets etc.) and a trained marine biologist. However, group participants are the most active, finding lugworm, sand gaper, common shrimp, shore crab, netted dogwhelk, flatfishes, sand eels, eelgrass etc. etc. Together with the group, the marine biologist go through the findings and inform about seasonal variation and the importance of shallow soft bottoms to the fishery, for instance.

This activity is equally engaging for adults as for children.

Maximum group size is 20 persons. The beach excursion lasts 2 hours. We offer the beach excursion workdays daytime, but if agreed upon groups can also visit during evenings and weekends.

Research Vessel Excursion, for groups

Subject to availability, non-school groups can book a research vessel excursion with Nereus. Activity length is 2 hours or longer.



Tjärnö Aquarium

During summer vacation period we welcome the public to this most species-rich aquarium in Sweden. Visitors can also study small living marine organisms in stereo microscope. We sell postcards, posters and books.

Opening hours, summer of 2021

Monday-Friday, 14.00–17.00 during period 28 June – 13 August
Wednesday 23 June, 14.00–17.00
Wednesday 18 August, 14.00–17.00

During covid-19 we welcome pre-booked visitors with maximum 16 persons per hour. The visit includes introduction, film, aquarium hall, possibilities to discover small living organisms in stereo microscopes, etc.

14.00   Group visit no. 1
15.00   Group visit no. 2
16.00   Group visit no. 3
Subject to changes

Visit is booked via +46 31 786 96 21 or

Webcam above the touch pool

Diversity of the Sea

From the research vessel Nereus we make measurements in the water and collect algae and animals from the Kosterhavet Marine National Park and look more into them in stereo microscope in the laboratory. Entrance to Tjärnö Aquarium is included. Booking in advance.

We arrange seven Diversity of the Sea during summer of 2021:

  • Tuesday 29 June 14.30-17.00
  • Tuesday 6 July 14.30-17.00
  • Tuesday 13 July 14.30-17.00
  • Tuesday 20 July 14.30-17.00
  • Tuesday 27 July 14.30-17.00
  • Tuesday 3 August 14.30-17.00
  • Tuesday 10 August 14.30-17.00

West Coast Maritime Week 2021

Activities on Tjärnö

Tjärnö Aquarium is open 9-13 August, 14.00–17.00. During covid-19 we welcome pre-booked visitors, with maximum 16 persons per hour. The visit includes aquarium hall, Live presentation and film, etc. Free admittance.

Theme activities: Information in Swedish.

Diversity of the Sea Tuesday 10 August 14.30–17.00. Booking in advance.



Photo: Linnea Cervin