University of Gothenburg

Language technology

The research area of language technology is primarily conducted by the Språkbanken Text research unit. This unit forms part of the National Language Bank (Nationella Språkbanken), which is a consortium comprising Gothenburg University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and the Swedish Institute for Language and Folklore.

Språkbanken Text mainly works to enable computers to process human language in the form of text. As part of this research, Språkbanken text also creates and makes accessible linguistic resources for researchers and for the general public.

On Språkbanken Text's website, you can embark on a unique and exciting linguistic adventure by searching both the large Swedish collections of text using the Korp tool, and the Swedish electronic lexicon using the Karp tool.

CLT (Centre for Language Technology) seminar series  
The seminars are coordinated between three language technology (LT) groups at the department of: Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science (FLoV), Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), and Swedish, Multilingualism, Language Technology. The whole idea behind this initiative is to promote language technology research in Gothenburg. The seminars provide a natural forum for LT students and researchers in Gothenburg to meet, share their research and develop their research ideas further. The CLT seminars take place every second week, on Thursdays at 10.30-11.30. They are freely open for everyone.   

View seminar programme (swedish)

Research tools

Among our popular research tools we find the corpus tool Korp, providing advanced search functions over the totality of our texts, the lexicon tool Karp, for browsing and search in our lexicons and other formally structured linguistic databases, Sparv for annotation of user-uploaded texts, and many other tools.