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Humanities specialising in Educational Sciences

At the Department of Swedish, Multilingualism and Language Technology it is possible to link a doctoral project to one of five areas of research.

In the area of Text and context a research project may concern different kinds of text or forms of interaction which the pupil encounters or is expected to produce.

In Multilingualism and Swedish as a second language research can be about language policies in schools, second language didactics or language use in multilingual educational environments.

In the area of Grammar it is is possible to develop and test educational models of grammar, etc.

Research in the area of Lexicology, lexicography and phraseology may involve investigations of how schools use dictionary resources and how they work with pupils' knowledge of vocabulary.

In Language technology it is possible to study how language technology resources can support education and learning.

Other research topics may also be possible. For instance, how are language aspects of the subject of Swedish, such as neighbouring languages, history of language or sociolinguistics, taught in school?