University of Gothenburg


The field of grammar concerns language as a system. Even though all communication actually takes place in specific contexts, where the language-users adapt in various ways to the applicable situation, we essentially use the same language regardless of whether we are putting our children to bed, writing reports, reading blogs or talking to a telesales agent.

Grammatical research involves the abstraction of language from the specific circumstances of a situation, and focuses on the linguistic tools that we always carry within us and make use of. The department’s research into grammar is broad and diverse, although there are two particularly prominent aspects:

  • theory and empiricism in combination: theoretically relevant analyses based on thorough corpus studies, practical field work, etc.
  • theoretical diversity and breadth: includes several different theoretical traditions, and the research environment is characterised by a transparent theoretical climate and free multidisciplinary discussions.

In recent years, the three research areas that have been particularly prominent have been construction grammar, information structure and Nordic linguistic variation. We have several ongoing research projects within all three areas, and there is active collaboration with both external and the department’s other research categories.

Our joint forums for discussion include regular grammar seminars. We also organise an annual grammar festival, which is aimed at both language experts and the general public, and is normally held in March (week 12) every year.