University of Gothenburg

The coronavirus SOM survey 2020

From mid April to the end of June 2020, the SOM Institute conducted an extensive survey to study the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on Swedish society.

The coronavirus SOM survey 2020 was similar to a regular national SOM survey in that it was sent out to a random sample of swedes, between the ages of 16 and 85 living anywhere in Sweden. The postal questionnaire as well as information on how to reply online was sent out in three waves from April to June in order to capture potential changes in the initial state of the pandemic. The coronavirus SOM survey 2020 was sent to 6 000 people in total and had a net response rate of about 44 percent.

Results from the survey

The results from the coronavirus SOM survey have been frequently cited in Swedish news media and has shown changes from the normal national state in many areas, among others institutional and interpersonal trust, news consumption, trust in health care and government. It has also documented opinions about the Swedish corona strategy, authorities' crisis communication, citizen's worry and change in habits.

The results are presented in a series of reports available in Swedish at