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Fyller i medborgarpanelenundersökning
Photo: Ellika Henrikson

Collect data in the Swedish citizen panel

Present research questions, conduct experiments or follow groups over time in our large web panel the Swedish citizen panel.

Cooperate and collect data

Every year we collaborate with a number of research projects from both Sweden and abroad in our research infrastructure the Swedish citizen panel. The panel research is conducted in 3-4 waves each year. Each wave contains several different studies ranging from survey experiments to cross-sectional studies. In total the panel has over 70 000 active participants, and offer our fastest and most flexible data collection.

At the SOM institute, all panel data collection is organized and operated by a sub division called Laboratory of opinion research (LORE). Since 2016 a part of the SOM institute, LORE represent a one-stop service for Swedish and international researchers in data collection and designing surveys. Read more here: Swedish citizen panel for researchers.

Collaboration in the panel are designed for research projects and public organizations only. Please note that the Swedish citizen panel is a non-profit research infrastructure and the costs for collecting data are to cover the expenses of managing the panel.


Application (for an application form in Word-format please e-mail us)

Research projects ready to apply for collaboration are encouraged to use the following document:

Swedish citizen panel application form (LORE)

Use the document to describe your research project and data collection needs as thoroughly as possible. Send the filled out application

After reviewing the project information, we will get back to you with a proposition or follow up questions.