University of Gothenburg

Swedish Citizen Panel for researchers

The Swedish Citizen Panel is primarily for researchers. If you want to use the panel for your data collection, you are more than welcome to apply for research collaboration with us.

Those of us who work with the Swedish Citizen Panel have extensive and broad methodological expertise. We also continously conduct our own research in order to develop and improve survey methods and our data collections. With over 75 000 active participants and hundreds of conducted data collections since 2010, we assist researchers from various fields of study in designing and implementing studies of high scientific quality, regardless of complexity.

Out of the total of 75 000 participants in the Swedish Citizen Panel, approximately 75% are self-recruited and about 25% are randomly recruited. Many participants have been part of the panel for a long time, some even since the beginning in 2010. For the randomly recruited part of the panel, we systematically and regularly recruit new participants through the population registry, with a particular focus on hard-to-reach sociodemographic groups. The level of representativity is high in both parts of the panel, albeit that the randomly recruited portion is more similar to the Swedish population.

The Swedish Citizen Panel is widely used by researchers, including the Political Science departments in Gothenburg, Lund, and Uppsala, but also the Department of Psychology at the University of Gothenburg, as well as the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, and several departments at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg. Outside of Sweden, the Swedish Citizen Panel has contributed to research at institutions such as Stanford University, the London School of Economics, McGill University in Canada, Universidad Autonoma in Barcelona, and the European University Institute in Florence. For a list of research articles based on data from the Swedish Citizen Panel, please refer to the page Scientific publications (Swedish).