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University of Gothenburg

Network for Science and Technology Studies

The Västs Network is an arena and meeting point for researchers in the west part of Sweden, who are interested in the crossdisciplinary field Science and Technology Studies – STS.

The network "Västs" connects departments in the western part of Sweden including the University of Gothenburg, Chalmers University of Technology, University of Borås. The network also covers southern parts of Sweden to some extent – for example Lund’s University and Malmö University. 

STS-research focuses on the complex interplay between technology, science and society. Many of these ideas have spread to academic disciplines such as organizational studies, law, the economics, media and communication research, theory of science, sociology and geography. Research in these fields have contributed to developments of the theoretical and methodological tools of STS. 

Please contact Linda Soneryd if you want to engage in activities or join the networks email-list.