University of Gothenburg

Doctoral Studies

We offer postgraduate studies in sociology and work science. There is a also a specialisation on science and technology studies within sociology.

The postgraduate studies require the applicant to meet the requirements applicable for undergraduates and other specific qualifications. Specific qualifications depend on the subject and are laid out in the study plan for the subject.

Each doctoral candidate has a supervisor, and they jointly make an individual study plan. This contains a schedule for the candidate’s postgraduate studies and a description of the obligations which the candidate and the Department have during the time of studies. The individual study plan is supplemented with an overall financial plan.

The postgraduate studies are financed mainly with faculty funds giving the candidate employment and educational grants. Some doctoral candidates are financed by external funds within the framework of different research projects.

The Department conducts ongoing quality work at various levels. We emphasize three important agencies for assuring high quality in the postgraduate studies and the dissertation work: the supervision, the doctoral seminar, the examining committee.