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University of Gothenburg
Entrance Skanstorget
Photo: Anders Östebo

About us

The Department has 115 members of staff, including 29 doctoral students and about 1,000 students enrolled each academic year. Our premisses are located in the beautiful old neighborhood Haga which is situated in the city centre of Gothenburg.

We have a selection of courses in sociology, social psychology, criminology and work science at the first cycle (undergraduate) and second cycle (graduate) levels. We offer a bachelor’s degree programme and a one-year master’s (magister) degree programme in work science and two-year master’s degree programmes in sociology and criminology.

In cooperation with other departments at the University of Gothenburg, we are involved in the Human Resources Specialist degree programme (bachelor’s level) and the international master’s degree programme, Strategic Resources Management and Labour Relations.

The Department also provides a substantial educational contribution to teacher education programmes. In addition, we provide sponsored education within the framework of our various areas of expertise.