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Studenter utanför Servicecenter Haga

Campus Haga

The Faculty of Social Sciences is situated on two campuses; Haga and Linné. On Campus Haga you find our departments for political science, public administration, social work as well as sociology and work science.

Campus Haga consists of three buildings: Dragonen and Sappören along Sprängkullsgatan and Husaren along Husargatan. Here you find School of Public Administration and the Department of Political Science (in Dragonen, to the north) and the Department of Sociology and Work Science and Department of Social Work (in Sappören, to the south).


Campus Haga holds three auditoriums:

  • Dragonen, at Sprängkullsgatan 19
  • Sappören, at Sprängkullsgatan 25
  • Husaren, entrance from Pilgatan 19A

Students' union's office

The office of the students' unions' social sciences section is situated on second floor, Sprängkullsgatan 19. Find out more about opening hours, union activities, contacts etc on their web page.

Study places and kitchenettes

The campus' study square – with silent reading places, group workplaces, computer places and  group rooms – is situated in Dragonen. In the same building, as well as in Sappören, there are a number of additional reading places as well as bookable group rooms.

Student kitchenette

Dining areas with micro-ovens are available in Kafé Haga (Sprängkullsgatan 25) and at the bottom of Dragonen's A-building (Sprängkullsgatan 19).

Social Sciences Library

Social Sciences library

The former city library is part of the University library since 1995. Here you find 260 study places, group rooms, kitchenette, and more. After being closed during a period of time, due to the construction of the Västlänken train tunnel, the library will successively open up again during autumn 2023. Read more about it on the University Library's webb: 

Social Sciences library, interior
Photo: Higab/Bert Leandersson


The names of the streets and blocks in the Haga district bear traces of the area's military heritage  connected with the fortress Kronan. They are also echoed in the university buildings that were built here in the early 1990s, when the entire district was renovated. The name of the street where the university buildings are located derives from a hill that was blasted in the early 19th century in order to get building materials to the then new Haga.