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University of Gothenburg

Study Counseling

The study counselors are for both you who are considering starting to study and for you who are already a student. You are welcome to contact us with questions about our educations and courses, study breaks, and study support for students with disabilities. All study counselors have a duty of confidentiality and offer individual conversations.

Student Counselors
Antje Olsén, Study Counsellor (Human Resource, Work Science) 
Phone: 031-786 1680 

Viktoria Holm, Study Counsellor (Criminology, Sociology) 
Phone: 031-786 4796 

Note that the study counseling is closed July 1 to August 8. 

International studies 
Ulrika Agby, Administrative Coordinator, International studies 
Phone: 031-786 5010 

Study Administration 
Note that the administration is closed July 7th to August 9th.