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University of Gothenburg

Procedural Law

The Procedural Law Group at the Department of Law endeavors to conduct high-quality research focused on current societal challenges, situating procedural law in a broader context. We understand our topic in an extensive and dynamic way, and strive to include a broad range of issues in our discipline. Many of the researchers within the Group also conduct research in other legal subdisciplines, and several of the research projects we are involved in are multidisciplinary.

Issues examined by the Group include the Europeanisation of procedural law, international courts and procedures, judicial professionals and their role in modern society, and social sustainability including the judicial protection of particularly vulnerable groups.

The Procedural Law Group organises regular seminars, where we discuss current developments and ongoing research within our field. We aim to be an attractive research environment capable of organising major conferences and hosting visiting researchers.

The Procedural Law Group conducts research-based education at all levels of the LL M programme, with members of the Group coordinating the undergraduate procedural law education as well as advanced level courses in procedural law and supervising students writing their master theses.