University of Gothenburg

PhD Program in Environmental Economics

Since 2007 the Environmental Economics Unit runs a program for a PhD in Environmental Science with a focus on economics.

The entry requirements for this program are somewhat different from the PhD program in economics because the PhD-candidates are given the opportunity to combine courses in economics with courses in environmental science. Currently we have no special funding for this program and are not admitting new students. Those interested in environmental economics should apply to the regular program at the department.

To be eligible for admission, external funding for four years is required. The course requirements in the program, as specified in the general study plan, are also somewhat different from the PhD program in economics with the aim of facilitating for the PhD-candidates to combine courses in economics with courses in environmental science.

The thesis work and studies have been similar to the PhD theses in economics in very broad terms. Note however that since the program no longer receive funding from Sida, admissions are very limited.


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