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Gothenburg group

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Faculty of Education and IT Faculty

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The Gothenburg Group is a hub for organizing cross-faculty research and mobilizing a network of international expertise concerned with the design and implications of a networked society on knowledge and learning. The group is a long-standing collaboration between the Faculty of Education and the IT Faculty.

Cross-faculty research and collaboration on teaching programs

This cross-faculty research is focused on addressing the important societal shifts, challenges and complexities brought about by digitalization. Within the group, interdisciplinary research is conducted on the ways societal functions, professional practices, socialization, communication, and learning change with digitalization. Research projects include studies in a wide range of contexts from formal education to professional practice and virtual participation.

The Gothenburg Group is also a platform for collaboration on teaching programs that supports cross-faculty part- and full-time master’s programs in learning and IT, and joint doctoral seminars and courses.