Mattias von Feilitzen

Educational Developer

Dept. of Applied IT, Division of Learning, Communication &
Visiting address
Lindholmen Forskningsgången 6
Postal address
41296 Göteborg

Programme Supervisor

Department of Applied Information
Visiting address
Forskningsgången 6
41756 Göteborg
Postal address
41296 Göteborg

About Mattias von Feilitzen

Mattias works as a pedagogical developer at the department of Applied IT, where he is also director of Gothenburg Knowledge Lab. His main area of interest is how digital tools and digitalisation affects and transforms higher education. Mattias teaches in courses about the digitalisation of schools within several teacher education programmes, as well as in the master's programme Learning, Communication and IT. He is also a part of the PIL-unit (Pedagogical Development and Interactive Learning) where he supports teachers who want to use digital tools in their teaching.