Photo: Illustration: Cecilia Lundgren

Exploring professional knowing and learning in local and extended contexts of practice

Education and learning

Welcome to a Gothenburg group seminar with Professor Monika Nerland, University of Oslo.

21 Jun 2023
13:30 - 15:00
Pedagogen, hus B, rum: B1 113

Monika Nerland, professor, University of Oslo
Department of education, communication och learning, and The Gothenburg Group

About the seminar

In this seminar I will present and discuss how professional knowing and learning can be explored and contextualized as situated phenomena, yet nourished and regulated through their connections with wider professional practices and arrangements. I will draw upon work I have conducted with colleagues at the University of Oslo over several projects, and discuss how some different theoretical notions and concepts provide opportunities and limitations for connecting professional practices with their wider field of knowledge.

The following articles may serve as backdrop reading, while the presentation will include examples from more recent work.  

Nerland. M. (2018). Knowledge practices and relations in professional education, Studies in Continuing Education, 40:3, 242-256, 

S. Ludvigsen, M. Nerland (2018). Learning at work. In F. Fischer, C.E. Hmelo Silver, S.R. Goldman, P. Reimann (Eds.), International handbook of the learning sciences, Routledge, New York, pp. 147-156.