Students in a classroom at Pedagogen.
Photo: Natalie Greppi

Critical Education Research (KRUF)

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Department of Pedagogical, Curricular and Professional Studies

Short description

Critical Education Research is one of three research programmes at the department of pedagogical, curricular and professional studies.

The research issues within the research environment Critical Education Research concerns the entire educational system regarded as a social and thus political institution. We ask question about the place of education in society, about problems and the opportunities that can be identified in, and that emerge from education.

More information about Critical Education Research

In line with this, we conduct critical studies of knowledge processes, educational reforms, and teacher professions in the entire education system. We are interested in how the education system meets and answers questions about education and democracy in connection with societal challenges. Primarily, this concerns differentiation that can manifest itself in phenomena linked to social class, migration, digitization, sexism, racism, homophobia, secularism, and speciesism. We are also interested in education in relation to subjectivations, i.e. who can be what in education, as well as in the production of knowledge, values and ideologies.

Research field

The research field is vast consisting of institutionalized education from preschool to higher education, policy studies and the media.
In this area, we use a variety of theoretical inputs. Based on, for example, post-structuralism, post-humanism, critical theory and educational philosophy. This means that we conduct critical research that focuses on different forms of power relations in education.


We mainly use qualitative methods in the form of:

  • ethnography
  • phenomenology
  • text analysis
  • discourse analysis
  • critical discourse analysis and
  • post-qualitative approach.