Beniamin Knutsson

Senior Lecturer

Unit for Subject Matter Education with specialization in Social Studies
Visiting address
Västra Hamngatan 25
41117 Göteborg
Room number
B4 462
Postal address
Box 300
40530 Göteborg

About Beniamin Knutsson

Beniamin Knutsson is associate professor and senior lecturer. He is active in the interest area Education for Sustainable Development and in the research programme Critical Education Research at the department. Beniamin is also a research associate of the Centre for Education Rights and Transformations (CERT) at the University of Johannesburg. Broadly concerned with power and inequality, Beniamin’s research mainly focuses on education, sustainable development and international aid. His work is influenced by critical traditions, particularly Foucauldian theory of biopolitics/governmentality and post-foundational political thought.

Beniamin is currently leading a four-year research project funded by the Swedish Research Council: Education for sustainable development in an unequal world: Populations, skills and lifestyles (2019-2022)

He is also working in a three-year research project funded by the Swedish Energy Agency: Reduction of car use in Gothenburg: A prerequisite for combating climate change, but how? (2019-2021)

Beniamin is teaching and supervising at all levels from undergraduate to doctoral level. He is amongst other things engaged in the teacher education programme and the international master’s programme in education for sustainable development.