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University of Gothenburg

Demographic challenges in the Nordic countries

Changes in the population structure due to an ageing population, migration and urbanisation are predicted to shape the way we work in the future.

Demographic developments in the Nordic countries will bring new challenges, several of which are affected by the fact that labour market conditions differ, maintaining an unequal and gender-segregated job market. It is therefore important to understand the most relevant demographic challenges from a gender perspective.

In this project, the secretariat surveys, summarises and disseminates research linked to demographic developments that sheds light on the gender perspective on questions concerning availability of labour, caring responsibilities, the conditions underlying of welfare, and regional differences between rural and urban areas. The project is run within Nordic Information on Gender (NIKK) in collaboration with researchers and experts. In forthcoming publications, the secretariat intends to shed light on relevant questions and perspectives and highlight knowledge gaps.

Project name: Demographic challenges in the Nordic countries from a gender perspective