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Three lunch guest are eating at a table, a forth one joins in
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Food and lodging

In order to work or study well you need to get good and nutritious food and sleep comfortably. In these pages you can read more about food and lodging at Kristineberg.

Book your meeting at Kristineberg:

Kristineberg have very good facilities for meetings, conferences and workshops with nice meeting rooms, lodging, mess and fantastic surroundings.

Examples of some of our meeting packages:

Lunch to lunch: 
Lunch including salad and beverage at arrival, afternoon coffee/tea, juice and cake and a light dinner in the evening. Stay in single or double room with a breakfast buffet. Morning coffee with a small sandwich, and lunch before departure.

One day meeting: 
Coffee/tea with a small sandwich at arrival, lunch including salad and beverage and afternoon coffee/tea, juice and cake.

We also offer supplements such as a finer conference dinner, fruit plate, guided tour of the centre or excursions with our research vessels (if available).

For prices and booking, please contact:


The mess is open Monday-Friday (except public holidays). 

Lunch tickets can be bought in the Reception. Ssingle meals are paid with credit card or cash in the Reception.

Meals have to be booked not later than 10.30 on a list in the Mess. Specify any special foods. University students inform their teacher about special foods.

Students at Honours and Masters level courses as well as visiting scientists are allowed to store and cook food in a residence building kitchen.


Check-in not earlier than 14.00 and check-out not later than 10.00. Bedding (incl. towels) can be hired in the Reception.

We have:

  • Laundry possibilities
  • Quiet space in the library, for reading or writing
  • Sauna

There is an extra cost for cleaning. Due to the corona pandemic, we can not offer guests the opportunity to clean the room themselves.

Mässen: 12 double rooms. Common kitchen and common room. 
Annexe: 6 smaller apartments with kitchenette (1 single room, 4 double rooms, 1 room with three beds) 
Summer Laboratory: 8 rooms (1 single room, 5 double rooms, 1 room with three beds, 1 room with four beds).
Prefekten: 1 house with 8 beds (2 single rooms, 3 double rooms). Common kitchen and common room.

All rooms with toilet and some also with shower (shared showers in Prefekten).


The nearest shop is Tempo Fiskebäckskil, about 1.6 km from Kristineberg. In Lysekil there is pharmacy, liquor store and other shops.

Public transportation

There is public transportation with Västtrafik. Buses to Kristineberg stop in Fiskebäckskil and you get to walk the last bit. There is also a passenger ferry between Fiskebäckskil and Lysekil. Timetables for bus and ferry can be found at the reception at the centre and here.

Swimming and other activities

Kristineberg has beautiful surroundings with great opportunities for outdoor activities. Around Kristineberg there are nice beaches and swimming areas. There are opportunities for climbing, hiking, kayaking, etc. For more information on activities, visit Lysekil Tourist Office.