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University of Gothenburg

Platform for online conference

Now you can use the platform for conferences online that has been developed at JMG. The concept has been developed in a pilot project, funded by the University of Gothenburg’s climate fund. It has been tested in a conference with 25 researchers from around the world on the theme of "News Epistemology". The implementation of the conference was so successful that JMG now wants to spread the digital platform with tools for more. The purpose is to reduce flights to and from conferences within the academy.


The digital platform consists of four activities, all to be reached by clicking the time schedule constituting the homepage. 

By editing the texts in the boxes you adjust the platform to your specific workshop/conference setup.


You can easily link the boxes ”ENTER LIVE-VIDEO-SESSION” and ”WATCH RECORDING OF LIVE-VIDEO-SESSION” to an external service offering video conferencing where you can link the boxes directly into a LIVE-VIDEO-SESSION respectively to a webpage for stored sessions to watch again. In the original pilot-conference, the service STV Smartmeeting was used. 


For this activity, the workshop/conference participant can whenever create and publish a video comment in the platform. For this you need to install a plug-in, an external setting, in the platform. The plug-in Ziggeo was used in the original pilot-conference. The participant clicks the box ”VIDEO-REFLECTIONS” followed by ” ”SHARE A VIDEO REFLECTION”. The recorded video is accordingly published directly in the platform for other participants to watch whenever suits them. According to the original pilot-conference setup, the participants were divided into two thematic groups, why there are two pages for video reflections to be recorded in the platform.


In the platform, by clicking the box ”VIDEO REFLECTIONS”, you find a space where the workshop/conference administrators easily can pre-publish a video. According to the pilot-conference setup there were two pre-published keynote speaker-presentations for respective theme, for the participants to watch whenever suited them.


In the time schedule there are boxes called “WRITTEN COMMENTS”, by clicking them the participants reach pages with a list of content, published by the administrators. According to the pilot-conference setup there was a list containing extended abstracts, divided into two themes, as well as a photo and presentation of the author/authors. On each page with an extended abstract the participant can whenever write a comment on that specific abstract, within an existing thread or by creating a new. Whenever someone responds to a participant’s comment she/he will receive an email.


Support to participants

For support during a LIVE-VIDEO-SESSION we do recommend you to use a chat function in the video conference system that you have chosen. For other support you can easily edit the contact page with your personal photo and contact.



We have put together two different solutions for duplicating our site in WordPress. The first one is the traditional way of uploading files through FTP and importing a database using your web host's control panel. The other is installing WordPress on your own and using a special plugin to import everything in one action.

Use our temporary user to login and make sure to change the password as soon as possible, or even better: create new users and delete the temporary one.

User name: userone
Password: YGifxNBO29wYm5N*1X

We have used the theme Enfold to create our layout. It costs $59 at the time of writing, and each new site you create needs a purchased license of this theme from

Alternative 1 

This ZIP file contains the database in XML format, and all the files in a standard folder structure. For more instructions please visit


Alternative 2

This is a much simpler way of importing the site. But it requires you to first install WordPress on your server as well as the plugin All-in-One WP Migration. Use the plugin to import the .wpress file which will completely rewrite your files and database.

Note: not all web hosts are supported by this plugin: