University of Gothenburg
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Photo: Sahlgrenska universitetssjukhuset

Organisation, leadership and team management

Leadership in healthcare concerns the management of administrative processes such as planning and organizing, as well as leading the development and improvement of health and well-being.

We promote a relationship-oriented leadership characterized by clarity, humility, respect and courage. The model aims to develop a fruitful teamwork and collaboration between health professionals in different care units. To lead, prioritize and coordinate towards the unit’s goals can also be defined as a long-term change-oriented work of improvement.

Efficient collaboration of teams has become one of the key building blocks when it comes to health care management. It has contributed to research of theoretical perspectives on how different skills complement each other, how the patient's role is changing and how organisations are shaped when the teams are integrated into chains of health care. Team management requires a new kind of leadership skills that contrast to the traditional, hierarchical models. In this area we are monitoring the development and we contribute to new knowledge that can be applied to both health care and teaching.