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University of Gothenburg

Completed research projects at GPCC

Person-centredness is the point of departure for all our research projects. These are all of our completed research projects in alphabetical order. During spring 2021 web pages will be created for these projects. These pages will include research findings and links to publications and so on.

Respiratory patterns

Accountability in person-centred care - Accountability and the practice of person-centred care

Neuropsychiatric disorders in children - Child-centered focus: Effectively addressing the interests and needs of the child during neuropsychiatric assessments

Cancer - next-of-kin support

Person-centred care and the importance of the multidisciplinary cancer team for patients with head and neck cancer

Care4ourselves (C4) - Person-centered information and communication technology (ICT) support to people with chronic heart failure and / or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - A randomized, controlled study

Pediatric diabetes Organizing person-centred care in pediatric diabetes - communication, decision making, ethics and health

A study on the connection between symptoms and heart function in the adult congenital heart population

Functional somatic syndrome - Contextualisation of functional symptoms in primary health care

IBS, irritable bowel syndrome - studier av kopplingen mellan symtom och tarmfunktion med särskild hänsyn till könsskillnader

Chronic liver disease - Fatigue in patients with chronic liver disease 

Medical education - Learning person-centred care, continuity and multidisciplinary cooperation in medical education

Methods for valid and reliable assessments of personcentred care of older people

Motivation for physical activity Effects of an exercise intervention program in patients with mild cognitive impairment - a self-determined motivational person-centred approach

Patients' Preference for Participation in Patient Safety Activities

Patient participation in hypertension treatment

Person-centred physiotherapy in major depression - a randomized controlled trial

Person-centred health promotion to support capability in elderly persons born abroad - implementation and RCT

Colo-Rectal Cancer Surgery - the PINCORE project, a controlled study.

Person-centred care in practice with focus on continence - a controlled study.

Person-centred care for patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) with a moderate to high disease activity- a controlled study.

Person-centred care for adults with CHD (PCC-GUCH)

Home-based person-centred care after stroke - a randomized study

Person-centred care and rehabilitation after acute vertebral compression fracture - a randomized, controlled study.

Person-centred care of pregnant women with BMI over 30, MoObese

Person-centred learning and support in children with urinary bladder dysfunction - symptoms and signs, person centering

Safe Hands at the Sharp End - implementing aseptic technique in the care of frail persons undergoing acute hip surgery - a prospective controlled implementation study with an embedded process evaluation.

Schizophrenia - Cognition, adherence and stigma - COAST

Stroke - aspects of and relations between patients' perceptions and objective assessments - To explore the perception of problems, autonomy and participation of persons with impaired arm-hand function after stroke and compare this with objective assessments

Resistance exercise for persons with Fibromyalgia

Supporting participation and autonomy in neurological rehabilitation by a Virtual Reality System - PCC / ICT -services for care with the home as a base

SVENIS - Swedish national inventory of person-centredness, health and quality of life in residential aged care

Lung disease - Systematization of subjective health changes and objective signs prior to diagnosis with lung disease

Evaluation of person-centred care after acute coronary syndrome - A randomized, controlled study.

Evaluation of person-centred care at rheumatic disease - a controlled study

Web based learning and support - a person centred care approach in long term illness

Medication overuse and headache - A qualitative study of psychosocial processes leading to medication overuse in headache