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Conferences and workshops

We engage in different arenas for brainstorming, interactive learning, relationship building, and problem-solving.


FRAM policy sessions at WCERE

[25 June 2018] The knowns and the unknowns in valuation of hazardous chemicals

[26 June 2018] Marine plastic pollution in a circular perspective

[27 June 2018] REACH and Beyond - Effective Policy Instruments to Regulate Hazardous Chemicals


Technical expert workshop: Criteria for Substances of International Concern - Beyond 2020

[24-25 February 2020] The FRAM Centre arranged this workshop together with the Swedish Chemicals Agency and Unitar. It was an international workshop with technical experts discussing chemicals without borders: Criteria for Substances of International Concern - Beyond 2020.


[26-27 September 2019] The FRAM Centre arranged the 9th meeting in the Network of REACH SEA and Analysis of Alternatives Practitioners (NeRSAP) in collaboration with the Swedish Chemicals Agency.

Workshop: A non-toxic environment

[21-22 Feb 2019] The FRAM Centre arranged a workshop with invited international experts to share ideas on the topic of a non-toxic environment. See the video where we ask some of the participants to give their individual view on the matter.

Workshop: Biofilm 

[11-13 Sep 2018] Biofilm Workshop 2018: "Omic approaches in biofilm research: advances in ecology and ecotoxicology", Kristineberg

OECD Workshop on contaminants of emerging concern

[5 Feb 2018] FRAM’s Center Director Thomas Backhaus delivered the introductory keynote speech.

Solutions Workshop

[9-10 Feb 2017] Joint FRAM and SOLUTIONS Workshop 2017.

Forum for Non-Toxic Environment

[24 Nov 2016] FRAM at the Forum for Non-Toxic Environment with a focus on innovation organized by the Swedish Chemical Agency

Workshop on socio-economic impact

[15 Aug 2016] Workshop on socio-economic impact assessment of chemical management

Video (5:26)
Criteria for Substances of International Concern - Beyond 2020
Video (4:28)
Workshop: A Non-Toxic Environment