University of Gothenburg
Chemical substances in a mixture.
What happens when chemicals are mixed together? The answer is that nobody knows - which is why we need risk assessment and management strategies.

Research for a safe use of chemicals

Research about chemicals faces a big challenge - speed. Every hour, 40 new chemicals are discovered. What happens when you mix these chemicals? The answer is that nobody really knows. There is simply not time enough to investigate all of them. FRAM responds to this challenge by focusing on risk assessment and management strategies of not only single chemicals but also complex mixtures of chemicals.

FRAM is a research centre for risk assessment and management of mixtures of chemicals. Our research aims to define safe local, regional and global boundaries for chemical pollution that protect humans and the ecosystem services against the impact of all chemical emissions and exposures acting together.

We develop fundamental knowledge and practical solutions with a national, European and world-wide perspective in mind. We link abstract and case-specific knowledge and test new approaches in case studies implemented in different political, economic and ecological systems in Sweden, Kenya and Chile.

We focus on solutions

The FRAM research follows a solution-focused philosophy and harnesses scientific knowledge from natural sciences, economics, law, social and political sciences. We are striving to identify reliable, creative, and equitable solutions to the problem of chemicals impacting ecosystem services. 

Research projects

In addition to the case studies, we also perform other research projects that are relevant for chemical risk assessment and management.