University of Gothenburg

Weather stations at the Department of Earth Sciences

The Department of Earth Sciences has two weather stations operational within the city of Gothenburg: one on the roof of the building of Geovetarcentrum, Wavrinskys plats, and one on the building Natrium, Medicinareberget. The first station have been running since the 1990s. New data is downloaded and updated 30 minutes past of every full hour.

Information about the data

Data acquisition is made using a Campbell Scientific CR10 logger at a samplig interval of 10 seconds and an averaging period of 5 minutes. Central European time CET (UTC + 1 ) is used for the measurements (i.e. daylight saving included).



Roof station - Geovetarcentrum

The station is located on the roof of Geovetarcentrum at 75 meter above sea level. 

The station currently includes:

  • Wind speed (WXT210)
  • Wind direction (WXT210)
  • Air temperature and humidiy (WXT210)
  • Precipitation (Ahlborn)
  • Incoming shortwave radiation (DeltaT, SPN1)
  • Incoming longwave radiation (Kipp & Zonen, CM3)

Here you find the latest downloaded data from the roof station.

Here you can find a plot showing measurements from the last four days.

Old climate data

Here you can download monthly tab-separated textfiles from the roof station.


Bridge Station

The station Älvsborgsbron is no longer in use but data from 1998-2022 can be reached via the link below.

Data from bridge station Älvsborgsbron 1998-2022

The station included:

  •  Wind speed (Visala, WXT210)
  •  Wind direction (Visala, WXT210)
  •  Air temperature (Visala, WXT210)
  •  Precipitation (Visala, WXT210)
  •  Pressure (Visala, WXT210)
  •  Water level