University of Gothenburg

Test Center

CHP is the host of an established test center with educational, research and collaboration purposes.

CHP hosts a Sport science research infrastructure with educational, research and collaboration purposes. The Center is open for use by both internal and external stakeholders. 

The Center offers various forms of tests, feedback and training advice linked with our research activities or carried out as assignments in collaboration with our partners. 

Also, the center can be an integral part of your innovation- and product development activities. We are already today working together with other universities, research institutes and small and medium-sized companies in the region in this manner.

The Test Center at CHP is equipped to perform a variety of different tests in our labs; Biomechanical, Physiology, Bodyscanning and Physical activity.
We can measure, among other things, oxygen uptake, movement economy and strength analysis. We can also carry out measurements of body composition, bone density, heart scan and advanced blood and muscle tests. Read more about our Lab and Test Center on our Swedish pages.